Are traditional rugs in style in 2022?

Are traditional rugs in style in 2022?

The answer to this question is most certainly yes. Rugs are very much in fashion and are among the most desired luxury items around the world. A rug is mostly a decorative piece, but a simple piece of cloth can have a plethora of utilities. Traditional rugs are the pinnacle of this balance between decoration and utility. Rugs are made all over the world, by different communities belonging to unique cultures. But the earliest examples are seen mostly to be oriental rugs. Back in antiquity, Persia established a monopoly over the trade of rugs. The empire controlled a vital part of the silk road and enjoyed the abundance of Chinese silk. Chinese agriculture and Persian craftsmanship gave birth to the first generation of oriental rugs. Today rugs in a household carry a statement of status and taste. Apart from being a very utilitarian decorative piece, a rug can enhance a modern interior decor to its absolute best. But the implementation is essential if the desired result is to be achieved. This article will explore different ways of implementing a traditional rug and suggest the best manner of implementation for fulfilling looks.

Antique or vintage?

When it comes to rugs most people opt for vintage or antique rugs. The difference between these two classes of rugs is the production era. An antique rug is a rug produced before the 1940s and anything after that till the 80s can be considered vintage. It is easy to identify an antique rug, by judging the oxidation of color. However, the forgery of antique rugs is also a well-established industry deceiving customers for years. It is recommended that the passionate must choose their rugs from authentic manufacturers with honest intentions of providing value for every penny. Obeetee carpets are such a manufacturer, that it is recommended to buy Obeetee carpets online for assured quality and long-term support.

Exciting ways of implementations

A rug can be implemented in many ways, apart from the traditional ones. The needs of every human being are different. Thus it is wise to expect a plethora of innovative approaches for the implementation of oriental rugs. But in order to help the rug exploit the beauty of the same, it is important to introduce symmetry and care in implementation.

Below the table

The dining table is a piece of furniture that is responsible for helping the family get together. Thus placing a rug beneath the table should be done in a perfect manner. Tables should be placed at the center, and the chairs must be placed inside the perimeter. So that any irregularities and discomfort related to the same never arise.

On the stage and studio walls

An oriental rug made out of silk jute or wool is an excellent insulator of sound, electricity, and temperature that can be deployed for enhancing the acoustics of a recording studio or even a room. On the stage, the rug can be placed on the floor protecting the musician at risk of electrocution. During the winter, a rug can really help in making a portion of the room cozier than the other parts. So that the dire need for covering your feet in the winter is not as essential. 

How to choose the lighting?

A truly antique rug is expected to possess faded and bleached colors due to the years of environmental exposure and natural oxidation. The lighting is thus expected to enhance and explore the rug’s decorative aspects. Oriental rugs are not at all vivid except for the Chinese rugs and Tibetan thangka. Thus the enhancing lights can be used for faded ones without causing much discomfort to the eyes.


The maintenance of a rug is pretty easy, especially if it is made up of durable fibers like jute or silk. These durable fibers do not experience much wear or tear and if any damage is done it can be repaired with ease. For keeping the charm and glamor intact, frequent and regular dry cleaning or vacuum cleaning is recommended. 

The most eco-friendly decor option

The production and maintenance of a silk or jute rug are completely eco-friendly. The materials are completely biodegradable and the production procedure does not involve many prospects of pollution. Thus using one at home for decorative purposes is not unethical for the enlightened and sensible. 

Apart from that in relevant and favorable places around the globe. Entire towns depend on the production of rugs for their daily bread. An interesting example is the north African country of Morocco. Morocco is famous for its traditional rugs and the economy of Morocco is somewhat dependent on the trade of rugs. It is always safe to buy rugs from authentic sources, especially while shopping online. Obeetee carpets are such a very reliable organization and it is fairly hassle-free to buy Obeetee carpets online as well, due to its authenticity and passionate approach to customer support.