5 reasons the Beetle Chair can be your home’s magnum opus!

Every interior space needs a focal point and more often than not, it’s a gorgeous piece of furniture. The challenge here is to choose something that’s sophisticated but has a presence that always captures the eye.

The Beetle Chair fits the bill pretty well, because not only does it feature a statement-worthy countenance, but is also one of the most stylish, evergreen, and trendiest chair’s you’ll ever come across. It has the ability to become the beating heart of space and if you’re wondering why you should go for it, here are 5 reasons to convert you:

1. Attractive clean aesthetic


The clean aesthetic of the Beetle Chair is one of its most noteworthy qualities. The compact, voluptuous design is articulated in subtle curves and elegant, organic lines. This makes the Beetle Chair a masterful tour de force that will always capture the eye no matter what space it is featured in. You can even spruce it up with beautiful accessories such as silk throws, stunning vases, and chic magazine stacks.

2. Available in multiple accent colors


One of the best qualities of the Beetle Chair is that it’s available in a number of stunning colors so that you can easily match it with whatever color scheme you’ve got going in your interior designs. It even has a variation of base finishes – from gold-brass to brushed silver and matt black. This variety in fabric and base finishes makes this chair the ultimate choice for those who love to personalize their furniture!

3. Exudes sophistication


The stunning craftsmanship of the Beetle Chair ensures sheer sophistication. There’s an understated austerity to the sleek form of this chair that never fails to exude a graceful, ritzy, aura. It’s swanky and stylish – the perfect way to add a dash of effortless luxury to your spaces.

4. Naturally, statement worthy


Despite the clean, minimalist aesthetic of this chair, it has the ability to be instantly statement-worthy. So whether you use it as a solitary freestanding piece or whether you pair it with other types of furniture, this chair is always going to stand out beautifully within your spaces. You can even have a lot of fun with its upholstery colors to enhance its statement-worthiness.

5. Extremely charismatic


The elegant charisma of the Beetle Chair is a force to be reckoned with. Its amazing personality has the ability to add a ton of character to any space – especially if you get one that’s upholstered in a patterned fabric. Even if place such a Beetle chair in a corner of a room, it will still make its presence known by the sheer amount of charisma and grace that exudes from its stunningly contoured form.

So these are only some of the reasons to opt for the Beetle Chair. It’s a gorgeous piece of furniture that always makes a beautiful impact in any setting. We aspire you love it as much as we do!