Is Your Koi Pond Losing Water?

We are talking in many cases about a concrete koi pond that many have in their back yards or gardens. These types of ponds add interest to the landscaping since they can be a habitat for many colorful fish. Some are also located in an area of the home. But often it can be noticed that the water in the pond is leaking out.

Losing water

If your pond is losing water, perhaps now is the time for you to have pond waterproofing done. The problem with a pond that is leaking usually can be caused by:

  • A crack;
  • Leach lime;
  • Chemicals

In order to identify the problem, your pond will need to be drained which is why it is best to inspect your fish pond every time you do regular cleaning.

Waterproofing on the market

Currently on the market are many available products that can offer:

  • Flexibility;
  • Rubber like compound;
  • Waterproof coating.

Any product used needs to be recommended for koi ponds so it is nontoxic. It needs to be applied properly by starting with concrete is clean and free of dust, debris, or any living vegetative material that might be clinging to the surface.

Hire professional

Tired already? This is a huge job so in most cases, it is best to hire a professional to do this work as in the long run, it will save you money and time. This is too big of a project for most DIY homeowners.

What a professional will do

A professional will waterproof your pond by doing the following:

  • Drain the pond;
  • Inspect it;
  • Fill any cracks;
  • Clean the surface.

After all of this, the professional will cover the entire area with a number of coats of a top-quality membrane. They will also conduct the process safely and not leave a mess as often grinding can leave a bit of dust. They also take care of these processes, specifically when working with these ponds that might be located inside of the house. In the long run, a professional will make your pond look like new.