When and why should you avail the services of stone stain removal companies?

When and why should you avail the services of stone stain removal companies?

Stones like marble, granite, quartz and limestone are used as flooring materials. Marble has been a popular choice for several decades, as it gives the house a beautiful and sophisticated look. It also has been used as a decorative element in kitchens.

However, the maintenance of stones is quite difficult as they get stained and lose their Lustre. It is not possible to replace stone whenever it is stained. On the other hand, it is not worth it to leave your beautiful stones stained and dull. The availability of the services of stone stain removal companies will allow you to restore your stones to their former glory.

Why is restoring your stone important?

The answer would be why not? You can always restore rather than replace. Restoring your stones can make them look like they have been newly done. You get your desired Lustre and all the stone is free from all the stains. It is much cheaper than remodelling your entire house. It is always better for the environment.

It’s a little step that prevents the wastage of these materials. The number and cost of labour are much less. Replacing the stones is a tedious multi-step process involving several people. However, restoring the stones takes a very short time and fewer people.

When to avail of these services?

1. Get rid of the stains

The stones stain easily, they stain with oil, water, ink, rust marks and sometimes due to biological agents like algae, mildew, moss and fungi. Water spots and rings also bring down the overall look of your stone.

Oil-based stains –

Oil-based stains are stains from grease, cooking oil, milk, tar, or cosmetics. They make your stones look dark.

Metal-based stains –

Metal-based stains from iron, rust, bronze, or copper. Rust stains look brown while copper stains may appear greenish.

Food stains –

They may be stains from fruits, juices, tea, or coffee. They stain your stone according to their respective colours. Pomegranate may stain your marble pink while tea and coffee will stain it brown.

2. Stone restoration

When stones are used for a long time, they are prone to get etched and scratched. These scratches may appear during moving things on your floor or kitchen surfaces. They are easily repairable by using polishing tools. You can also get them to shine how you want!

3. Haze

The stones over time accumulate dirt that is called haze. This creates a film over the stone which makes it look dull.

This process of stone stain removal is cheap and efficient. Restoring your stone will make it look new and better. It is also a water-based process creating no dust. This ensures that you do not have to get your house cleaned after the procedure. You also do not have to move your gadgets as they will be covered and taken care of. If you want your house to look like it on the day of installation, avail the services of stone stain removal companies.