5 Essential Home Projects For When The Sun Shines

A great deal of home maintenance can typically be performed throughout the year, taking place indoors. However, there are certain undertakings that will require not only exposing a home to the outdoor elements, or even entirely taking place outdoors, but also an assured duration of dry weather. For such projects, it is best that homeowners use the summer season to their advantage and ensure that, between sunbathing and barbeques, they leave time for essential upkeep on their property.

As we approach the summer season, all homeowners should consider which home projects might need to be taken on to ensure that they don’t become essential or even emergency maintenance tasks during the winter period.

Cleaning Gutters

Being so high up, it is easy to forget that drains and gutters are in need of ongoing maintenance. Over the winter, they are likely to become filled with leaves, dirt, and moss, minimising their effectiveness and running the risk of blockages.

If they aren’t properly cleaned, they can not only become damaged but also cause leaks inside the home. Since the task can easily be done or outsourced to a professional window cleaner, it’s a simple summer maintenance project to tick off your list.

Weeding A Garden

While gardens are an attractive landscape for homeowners to enjoy, their neglect over the winter period, as well as the increased rainfall, can lead to overgrowth and the establishment of troublesome weeds. Summer, being free from too much poor weather, is an ideal time to get into the garden and clear out the plants that might easily become problematic, such as bindweed and bramble.

Build Structures

For those that want to build garden sheds and log cabins, summer is the ideal time since it more likely ensures that materials will not be damaged from rainfall and that long afternoons outdoors for installation are not unpleasant.

Establishing an outbuilding during the summer also means that gardens are ready to be enjoyed even during the winter months, offering a dry and warm place to enjoy in a garden.

Replacing Windows

Upgrading or repairing windows is a task that homeowners will revel in having done when their home is much during the winter period. Since the job exposes a home to cold and wet weather, with windows also needing to be installed during a dry period to ensure that they are sealed properly, this is a job that can only really be done during assuredly dry periods.

Exterior Painting

Paint quickly degrades on the exterior of homes, especially within the British climate as facades are exposed to a range of contrasting elements. Before a homeowner realises, their property can look much worse than when they first moved in and even lose kerb appeal and value.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, a few days should be put aside to add a fresh lick of paint to the exterior of a home. This simple and affordable project will not only revitalise a home but will even make it more appealing to potential buyers.