5 Renovation Pointers to Consider with an Interior Design Firm in Singapore

It is satisfying to remodel an old structure, though it comes with its own set of challenges. These five points are fantastic starting points from our experience if you want to renovate your property. You should complete the following list with an architect or interior designer from a reputable company in Singapore to assist you in analysing your alternatives. Their skills and planning might spare you from challenges and costly mistakes.

#1 Document Existing Conditions

Thoroughly document the current condition of your home or commercial building before plotting your renovation design ideas for your Singapore property. Start with the original designs and any alterations made after then. Note existing structures, windows, stairways, floor-to-floor heights, materials used, and so on. They could be crucial characteristics to consider for alternative design possibilities.

#2 Note the Age

Hazardous elements, such as lead or asbestos, may be present in many older structures. You or the interior design firm in Singapore will need a specialist to examine and remove these elements carefully. Also, most old buildings use water, electricity, and HVAC services that are often inadequate. It necessitates replacing them or installing new systems to handle the increasing demands.

#3 Currently Occupying

You should plan to clear the space if you are currently occupying the structure. Inquire with your architect from the commercial interior design company in Singapore about permissible noise levels during business hours. It is also the best time to replace existing systems that exhibit damage or inefficiency due to old age.

#4 Outside Influences

Building codes and zoning ordinances apply to all structures, not just new ones. Existing amenities in your facility may require renovations. Improvements to your building’s site will need compliance with any zoning regulations about street frontage, etc. Work with a commercial interior design and renovation company in Singapore that will ensure compliance with these regulations.

#5 Plan for the Unexpected

Changes made during construction may not completely match the blueprints for whatever reason. Some things were unknown within the walls or above the ceiling, the team found during demolition. Given this danger, it is critical to budget for additional contingency in renovation projects. If the interior design crew from the Singapore firm have more concerns about specific areas, the team may do some exploratory demolition during the design process.

The following are five primary areas of concern that we failed to provide adequate attention to before beginning our renovations. I mentioned them not to frighten you but to prepare you for what can come with your project. Moreover, you might have to veer off plans and renovation design ideas for your Singapore property. Giving an old structure new life can be a highly satisfying project, especially if you are aware of the challenges that can happen.

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