Different Types of Restaurant Chairs You Can Get For Your Place

Different Types of Restaurant Chairs You Can Get For Your Place

Mostly the chairs you see in restaurants are standard chairs with a straight back and four legs. These chairs use for short term sitting for customers. The term restaurant chair is not a specific style of chair. It is a reference people use to describe several different types of chairs.

You can find the restaurant chairs in various shapes and sizes and colors. The restaurant chair manufacturers offer a wide range of styles from traditional to modern and wood to upholster. The type of restaurant chairs is just endless, and the Modern Century does justice to the requirement of their clients. The Modern Century is professional furniture manufacturer with an experience of more than 20years in the industry. 

This article will provide you with details about what you need to know when buying restaurant chairs. As the name suggests, the only function of these chairs is to provide a short-term for customers in the restaurants. The restaurant chairs have a single purpose. However, these chairs come in different types. Let’s highlight some of the restaurant chair types available in the market.

The different types of restaurant chairs

The list of types of restaurant chairs is quite long. The list includes – 

  • Banquet chair
  • Captain’s chair
  • Side chair
  • Contemporary/ modern chairs
  • Parsons chair
  • Ladder-back chair
  • Mission/shaker
  • Windsor

As you can see, finding a restaurant chair is not a simple task. After all, customers sit, eat and spend most of their time while enjoying the food and ambience of the restaurant. To make things less stressful here are some points to consider while choosing a restaurant chair.

  • Take into account the overall look of your restaurant – is it modern or traditional?
  • Another thing is whether you need to stack your chairs or not. Is your space a combination of booths and chairs.
  • Do you want chairs with arms or upholstery? 

Consider these points carefully, and you will find the best suitable chairs for your place.