Choosing the Right Art Prints for Your Bathroom

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Designing your bathroom is not as straightforward as it may sound. Besides determining the right colours and shapes to match the overall style, you must consider other factors such as humidity, waterproofing, and integrity.

Installing bathroom wall art is a fantastic way to enhance the visual appeal of your bathing space while adding a touch of your personality.

But choosing the right wall art to transform your bathroom can be difficult. Whether you’re aiming for vintage art prints or a contemporary piece, here are three tips for choosing the ideal bathroom wall art.

1. Design Cohesion

Like any other decorative piece, your chosen wall art should match the currentaesthetic design of your bathroom. Though art prints are for every room, there should be a balance between the piece and the space.

Consider installing abstract, black and white, or scenic shots art prints for contemporary bathroom styles. Meanwhile, for more traditional, bohemian bathroom architecture, you can try hanging vibrantly coloured nature and family photo prints.

2. Incorporate Your Style

A good rule of thumb when selecting any wall art is to consider your taste and personality. Homeowners use art pieces to customise their spaces, allowing them to add a touch of their identity while enhancing the room’s visual appeal.

There’s no shortage of gorgeous art prints online that can capture your unique identity. Whether you want to evoke a sense of serenity or boldness in your pampering space, deciding based on your preference can help ensure you get the bathroom of your dreams.

3. Integrity of the Décor

Besides the aesthetic appeal of the wall art, your bathroom art prints should have sufficient strength and resistance against wear and tear. The bathroom’s humidity and high moisture levels can ruin the beauty of your art prints, so be sure to look for pieces designed to withstand moisture.

Some bathroom wall art is enclosed in a waterproof frame and case, with an added layer of exceptional finish to protect the print from potential damage.

4. The Perfect Size

Finally, you should also consider the space in your bathroom to install an art piece. The room size will determine how many art prints you can hang and how big it may be.

We recommend getting a bigger one if you are interested in a single art piece. A lone yet large art print makes it a focal point in the bathroom, expressing a bold statement. On the other hand, you can use small but numerous wall art to create an expressive display.

Though simple, art prints can deliver emotion and impact to your bathroom, transforming it into a fantastical place for relaxation and pampering. If you want to decorate your bathing space with some of Australia’s most beautiful art prints, visit Urban Road today.