What Is Included In End of Tenancy Cleaning?

In the UK, every tenant is expected to return his rented accommodation in immaculate shape while vacating the house. This will facilitate your house owner to find his next tenant without any effort. Therefore, the expectation of your landlord is that you hand over the property exactly in the same condition as it was offered to you.

If you fail to hand over the house in a clean condition then the landlord may hire a certain end of tenancy cleaning Mayfair service and deduct the fees from your deposit account. Also, he may offer negative comments about you to your future house owners.

Let us discuss in this post what are all that included in the end-of-tenancy cleaning service.

1. Cleaning of every room

Every room needs to be cleaned for removing dust and cobwebs, which must also include inside cupboards and other storage places within the rooms.

2. Special cleaning of bathrooms

Bathrooms may develop mildew over the years due to the humid atmosphere and hence this area needs a very special cleaning with the help of any professional service.

3. Thorough cleaning of the kitchen

The kitchen may accumulate a lot of dirt over the years that are not so easy to clean. Only a professional can clean this area thoroughly.

4. Cleaning of all furniture and furnishing

There may be certain stains developed in your furniture that need to be removed with a thorough cleaning. It may need a thorough vacuum cleaning.

5. Cleaning of all appliances and accessories

Appliances like freeze, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens, toasters, and dryers may accumulate a lot of dust that also needs a thorough cleaning.

All service providers who offer end of tenancy cleaning Mayfair services are experienced professionals and they can do the perfect cleaning so that you can get back your 100% deposit while handing over the premises.