3 Ways Retractable Awnings Can Help Make Your Patio Furniture Last Longer

Patio furniture can give your property some much-needed curb appeal. They’re fresh and shiny at the beginning. However, without installing retractable DC awnings, they can lose their luster. You need to install retractable awnings in your patio to protect your patio furniture. Patio Door repair Leeds.

Heat Protection

Summers can be extremely hot in your area. Unless you have the time to check on your patio furniture and move them in the shade the whole summer, you will need retractable DC awnings. This way, you can just pull down the awnings when the heat is too much. It is important for you to protect your patio furniture from heat because too much heat causes fading and warping, especially in wooden patio furniture pieces.

Rain Protection

Rain is also one of the culprits for faded and warped patio furniture. This is why, in the long run, having retractable DC awnings is a good investment. Your patio furniture might be treated, and that treatment could be good for a few months. However, eventually, they will fade and look old because of rain exposure. Retractable awnings can protect your patio furniture. You won’t have to rush out to hide your patio furniture each time it is drizzling outside.

Movement Protection

Rain and heat are not only the only things that can damage your patio furniture. Whenever you have to move them from your patio to the garage because it is too hot or because it is raining, you run the risk of scratching or denting them. This can also make them look old in the long run. If you can minimize moving your furniture, you can preserve how well they look. By putting retractable DC awnings on your patio, you won’t have to move them during the summer, spring, and months when there is no snow. Not only will you be saving plenty of energy by not having to move furniture all the time–you can also enjoy how well your furniture looks for years.


Aside from installing awnings on your patio, you can also have your patio furniture treated so they can have extra protection. Stores generally add treatment to their patio furniture pieces to make them resistant to heat and rain to a certain point. A little extra maintenance won’t hurt, especially if it’s just a matter of applying extra coats of wood conditioner every now and then.

During extreme weather, DC awnings may provide a certain level of protection to your patio furniture. However, if the heat is really bad, or if there’s a storm coming, it’s best to keep your patio furniture indoors for added protection. There are also coverings for patio furniture which you can purchase in case of heatwaves.

It also pays to invest in good DC awnings. Most of them have better protection than their cheaper variants. Look into UV protection or retractable ones with fixtures that don’t rust easily. You must also read manufacturer usage tips for awnings as most of them would need to be folded during a storm. Some cannot handle strong winds.

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