Comparative Analysis of Pros and Cons of Readymade and Customised Furniture

Whether we are moving into a new house or renovating an older one, we need furniture to not just fill the space, but to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. We have 2 main options when it comes to purchasing new furniture. We can either go to local stores and buy readymade pieces or deal with interior designers and manufacturers to design a customized set of furniture to fit our home space.

While both the options are right, it greatly depends on your need and preference. If you are looking for a furniture store near Romklao (ร้าน เฟอร์นิเจอร์ ร่มเกล้า, term in Thai) in Bangkok to get a designer piece specially made for your home, you can visit Bann Gallery TH. Their interior designers listen to your preference and your style to create unique contemporary pieces of furniture and lighting for your entire home space.

Readymade or Tailor-made – The better one

Both the types of furniture have their own set of disadvantages and benefits and here we will discuss them to give you a good idea about both the types of furniture so that you can make a decision easily.

Pros of readymade furniture

  • When you are in immediate need of a furniture piece, you can just walk in the store and get same-day delivery for the same.
  • Today, in modern furniture stores, a huge range of variety in terms of designs, colors, and functionality is available.
  • As these pieces are manufactured in bulk, they are much more affordable.
  • Since they are made in standard sizes, they can be used to create functional spaces in almost every room of the house.

Cons of readymade furniture

  • The material used is generally not long-lasting and instead of natural wood or teak, engineered and plywood is used.
  • Standard sizes make the furniture rigid and cannot be adapted to rooms greater or smaller in size.
  • There is no uniqueness to the furniture as the store has multiple quantities of the same piece available.

Pros of custom made furniture

  • It is made exactly as per your requirement, the shape, size, design, and material.
  • Additional space can be easily created as per your needs.
  • Can be made in cheaper or even more expensive materials depending on your budget.
  • The furniture manufactured in a tailor-made manner easily camouflages with your home interiors.
  • As you choose the material and the craftsmen work on the making of the furniture with a lot of focus, the result is usually higher in quality and durability.
  • It has higher adaptability.
  • Lastly, customized furniture is generally unique to your home and is not available elsewhere.

Cons of custom made furniture

  • Based on the chosen material and design selection, it can get very expensive.
  • You do not have the advantage of getting a same-day or early delivery as the manufacturing process takes time.
  • Flexibility reduces when you customize furniture especially when you want to shift it to some other place, a new house, or a new room.

Now, based on the budget and requirements of your space, you can choose whether you want to go ahead and buy readymade furniture from the store or talk to a manufacturer to create a specific one for you.