10 Reasons Why You Should Move To A Tiny Home

10 Reasons Why You Should Move To A Tiny Home

Tiny homes have been in the news a lot lately. Even though they’re still not mainstream, they’re gaining a lot of attention, and it makes sense why: they’re an affordable option for housing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Even with the wide selection of tiny homes for sale, there is room for every budget, and it’s just a matter of searching them out.

Since there are so many reasons to consider downsizing to a tiny home, we thought we’d share 10 of our favorites here.

  • A Smaller Space Means Less To Clean Up

When you live in a small space, there’s not much room for clutter and messes to pile up. This means less time spent cleaning and more time spent doing other things that matter to you, like spending time with family or friends or even getting some extra sleep!

  • Easy To Maintain

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with maintenance issues with your home. Tiny homes have fewer systems and components than traditional homes, so they’re easier to keep clean and running smoothly. You’ll never have to worry about fixing something that breaks down or leaks when you don’t want it to!

  • You’ll Save Money On Utilities

Since tiny homes usually have significantly less square footage than regular houses, they also have much fewer square feet of floor space that needs heating and cooling throughout the year. Since these types of spaces are designed to be energy efficient, it’s easier for them to keep your utility bills down so that you don’t have to worry about how much money will go towards paying them off each month.

  • You’ll Live In A Less Stressful Environment

There aren’t many things that can induce stress, like dealing with a big mortgage payment each month, especially if it’s not even yours! With a tiny home, the stress is greatly reduced because you only have to worry about paying for one thing — your rent or mortgage payment — instead of paying for everything from insurance to utilities and maintenance costs as well.

  • Tiny Homes are Cheaper

The average home size in America is about 2,600 square feet, and the average price of a new home is $345,000. But if you want to live in a tiny house, you can find one that’s just 100 square feet for $30,000 or less. That’s a saving of over $300k!

  • Reduced Electricity Bills

The smaller size of a tiny home means that it can be heated and cooled more efficiently. It also means that you will use less electricity overall. This can save you money on your monthly bill!

  • Live More Simply

Tiny homes offer people the opportunity to live more simply than they might otherwise have lived had they stayed in their larger homes. This means less stuff around them as well as less clutter in their lives overall. It also means less stress about cleaning up after themselves or keeping up with all the things that come with living in bigger houses with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms (like cleaning out all those closets).

  • They’re Environmentally Friendly

They use less resources than regular houses do! It takes much less energy to heat up or cool down a small house than a large one, which means that your carbon footprint will be smaller, too (not to mention that building materials for tiny homes are often recycled).

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The average NZ house is around 2,500 square feet. That is a lot of space that needs to be heated and cooled throughout the year, which means increased energy bills for you! When you move into a tiny home, you’ll cut back on heating and cooling costs because there is less space for heat to escape from. This will help reduce your carbon footprint tremendously!

  • You Can Live Anywhere

Tiny homes can be moved almost anywhere on wheels (making them perfect for RV enthusiasts), which means that if you decide you don’t like where you are currently living anymore or if the real estate market goes south in your area, you can just pick up and move somewhere else without having to worry about whether or not there will be enough room for your tiny home there too!


If you are ready to buy a home but you’re struggling with the idea of a mortgage for decades, you probably didn’t think about buying a tiny home. And rightly so! With that kind of money, you could build a regular house or invest in your own company. But the fact is, tiny homes can be a practical alternative to traditional housing and provide several benefits. You just have to be willing to adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Most of the tiny homes for sale are unique and some are traditional tiny home plans. They are inexpensive and made for the budget minded.