Guide to setting up RGB wall lights

Guide to setting up RGB wall lights

If you want to add some extra dynamism to your home interior design, you may consider installing RGB wall lights. These lights can add a touch of class to your room and can point out certain attributes in your home. But before you purchase these wall lights, you should keep in mind a few things. Here is a guide to help you choose the right wall lights for your home.

1. Decide where you want to install the wall lights

You need to decide the location where you need to install the lights. Do you want them in your bedroom or living room? Will you use them to accentuate a piece of art or a specific feature in the room? After deciding where you want to install the RGB wall lights, it would be best if you take measurements. This will ensure that you purchase the correct size of lights for your walls.

2. Decide which type of wall light you want

There are various options to choose from. You can choose wall lights that plug into an outlet or battery-operated lights. If you’re installing the lights in a space with no outlet, you’ll need to buy battery-operated lights. Another thing to consider is whether you want dimmable lights. Dimmable lights can allow you to adjust the wall light’s brightness, which can be helpful if you want to establish different moods in the room.

3. Shop for RGB wall lights

Most home improvement stores sell wall lights. You can also find them online. When shopping for these wall lights, please read the reviews from previous consumers. It will help you ensure that you’re buying a quality product.

4. Installation of the wall lights

Once you’ve found the perfect lights that suit your walls, it’s time to install them. If you want to install them yourself, follow the instructions carefully. If hiring a professional to install the lights for you, ensure they have experience installing wall lights. After the installation, you can enjoy the new look of your house.


Whole room RGB lights can add some pizzazz to your home and are not too difficult to set up. You’ll need to purchase some RGB LED light bulbs, a controller, and some wires. Once you have all of that, you can follow the instructions with the controller to set up your new lighting. With a little effort, you can have a truly unique and stylish home that will stand out from the rest.