The best of Ipe wood

The best of Ipe wood

There are so many types of wood for making buildings, decks, floors, and sides but the Ipe wood is one of the best in the world for this purpose. In order to know what is Ipe wood, you can go through the rest of the article for more details. It is also called Brazilian hardwood or Brazilian walnut as it comes from one of the tropical hardwood forests of Central and South American countries.

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Ipe wood is not just beautiful and artistic but also comes in a variety of colors as well. If you speak of San Francisco, Ipe tongue and groove is utilized for making decks on the exterior parts of the houses. It is meant for holding parties and having guests. The hardwood withstands extreme climatic conditions and is resistant to moisture, decay and bugs. Inflammability is another factor in case of woods and the Ipe wood has also proved to be fire resistant on a much higher level as compared to other kinds of woods. Ipe wood is pronounced as epay wood or eppi wood. It is quite easy to maintain because of its sturdiness, strength and longevity. But as with everything, one needs to be aware of the demerits here as well. Since there are high contents of natural oils in epay wood, painting jobs are passe. But on the other hand, it does not need chemical treatment with the presence of nature-based oils in it. This wood is known for its beautiful silvery grey natural color. However, you can also apply color coatings if you have a fetish for any particular color. Or a UV coating can be utilized to retain its natural colors.


This kind of wood is also resistant to scratch. The Ipe lumber is also available in all kinds of lengths, sizes, and breadths. The decking is not difficult to install with pre-drilling by specially manufactured screws. A fear of mold and fungi infestation is always associated with any kind of woodwork. But that is not so in Ipe wood as it is totally resistant to mold and fungi. There are many reliable and renowned websites from where you can buy Ipe direct with all relevant information.  The tree has a minimal odor. It hails from the Amazon rainforests and is also known as lapacho. The fire resistance of Ipe wood is as high as that of steel or concrete. The density of the wood does not allow it to float in the water. Ipe tree is suitable for external utilization because it can combat the UV rays of the sun as its fade resistant. There are other kinds of woods too which show similar characteristics to Ipewood which is Angelique wood that is reclaimed. It is similar to Ipe wood in terms of looks.  Considering all the merits and demerits, you can always use any kind of wood for your projects, keeping the price factors also in mind.