Essential Facts About Oil Painting Everyone Should Know

Essential Facts About Oil Painting Everyone Should Know

The significant difference between the oil paints and acrylic colours we use for our house is their water content. Oil paints are liquid colours that do not contain water at all. Commonly people refer to these colours as varnishes. We mostly used oil paint (สีน้ำมัน, which is the term in Thai) on metal or wooden surfaces. It makes the surface look smooth and shiny. The oil paint finishing on wooden and metal articles makes them look like the new ones. Home decor is an essential part of a stunning home. 

For successful home decor, you need to know the proper use of colours. There are various types of oil colours available in the market. Their making formula is also different. Every oil painting has its distinctive use. It will be wise if you select the one for your use. 

What Are Different Oil Paints?

There are different types of oil paints made with different chemical formulas. You can choose it according to your preference. 

Glossy Oil Paint

Most people prefer using glossy oil paint film. You can use it on metal, fencing and wooden surface. Glossy paints are durable and easy to clean. You will finally get a shiny finishing on your home decor.  

Semi-Glossy Oil Paint

Semi-glossy oil paint is not so glossy. You can use it in your wardrobe side. It is also easy to clean. If you prefer modern interior work, you can select semi-glossy paint. Many people do not want much lustre in the interior or exterior of the building; hence they select semi-glossy oil paint. It also increases the durability of the surface. 

Matt Finish

The matt finish oil paint is not shiny at all. You can elegantly decorate your loft-style house with matt finish colours. Also, you can use these colours for both interiors and exteriors of your house. 

How To Use Oil Paint?

It is not advisable to use the oil paint directly on the surface. The correct way to apply the oil paint is to use it after mixing it with thinner. Thinner makes oil paint ready for easy application. 

Make sure that you mix the oil paint and thinner in proportion. If the proportion is incorrect, you will not get the desired look of the colour. 

When To Use A Thinner?

It would be best if you used the thinner while applying the oil paint. Also, it is advisable to use thinner with all three oil paints. Talk with the professional before selecting different thinners available in the market.