3 Things to Consider When Finding the Right Custom Pool Builders

Did you know that adding a swimming pool to your property increases your home’s value by 5{7de01240e0e48adef159554d7e810f1eb2ebc5aedd03c61d5ecf461b09e178a3}-8{7de01240e0e48adef159554d7e810f1eb2ebc5aedd03c61d5ecf461b09e178a3}?

Of course, that’s probably not your primary motive for wanting to build a swimming pool. No doubt you look forward to enjoying those lazy days around the water with your friends and family.

If a swimming pool is on your “to-do” list, your first step is to find the best custom pool builders in your area. Don’t settle for the same generic pool your neighbors have when you can create a custom design of your own!

Keep reading for the tips that will help you find reputable swimming pool builders near you.

1. Know the Local Zoning Laws

Before you hire contractors to come in and dig a huge hole in your backyard, you first need to understand the laws in your neighborhood.

Do some research on zoning laws, maintenance, and liability concerns to ensure your project is in compliance. The last thing you want to do is get hit with fines or face delays due to legal red tape!

2. Consider the Builders’ Reputation

Once you have the green light for your construction project, it’s time to find a reputable custom pool builder near you.

Keep in mind that many states, including Texas, don’t have any required licenses or certifications for pool builders. This means anyone can “open shop” and advertise themselves as contractors, regardless of their credentials.

So, how do you find custom pool builders you can trust? You’ll need to do some homework and check into their experience and reputation. Ideally, the company has already built hundreds of pools (or more) in your community.

Ask for a list of referrals, which they should be happy to provide. You might also call other companies or contractors the pool company does business with. Do they act like professionals? Are they easy to work with? Do they meet deadlines on time?

3. Keep an Eye Out for Red Flags

In your search for the best swimming pool builders, look for patterns that could indicate an unskilled or dishonest contractor. This might include:

  • Requesting a large down-payment (more than 10{7de01240e0e48adef159554d7e810f1eb2ebc5aedd03c61d5ecf461b09e178a3}-20{7de01240e0e48adef159554d7e810f1eb2ebc5aedd03c61d5ecf461b09e178a3})
  • A tiny final draw that provides little incentive for them to finish the project
  • Making you feel pressured to sign a contract right away
  • Poor communication skills or missed appointments
  • Unresolved complaints on the BBB or similar sites
  • Lack of references or an unwillingness to provide them
  • The ability to start immediately, which could indicate a lack of ongoing projects

One red flag on its own might not be enough to write off the company. But if you notice a pattern of poor behavior or communication, trust your gut and keep searching.

Find the Best Custom Pool Builders Near Me

Whether you’re looking for pool companies in Katy, Texas, or anywhere else, the tips above will help you find the best pool contractors.

It’s not a decision to take lightly — after all, your home is your most valuable asset!

Now that you know how to find custom pool builders in your area, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more great home advice and tips!