How You Can Prepare Your Plumbing System at Home this Holiday Season?

The holiday season is coming soon and you need to check whether all the plumbing at home is in a good state before your guests arrive. Even if no holiday guests are likely to visit you, this is the right time to set all your plumbing system right.

Usually, holidays are a very bad time for garbage disposal, plumbing back up problems. You can take help from a reputed company like Pillar Plumbing who can provide you a Humble plumber for garbage disposal.

The following few tips can help you improve the plumbing system as well as avoid problems for holidays.

1. Clean up your slow drains

Try to flush your drains either by using a chemical or a plunger or auger used by a plumber and remove all the clogs.

2. Install one drain strainer

Try to install a drain strainer for your showers, kitchen sinks that will pass water, but prevents food, hair, and other objects.

3. Check for any signs of Problems in the sewer

If you notice any sewage backup then you must call an experienced plumber particularly if you find any sewer problem.

4. Install bathroom garbage cans

Placing any garbage cans quite near toilets will provide a facility for your guests to toss any items that should not be flushed.

5. Set the water heater temperature

You must set your water heaters at around 120°F, which will always keep hot water ready for holiday guests.

6. Insulate pipes

During the winter season if any of your water pipes freeze, then it can burst anytime, and to prevent such a scenario, you must cover the basement, and pipes with insulation to avoid freezing.

7. Locate your water shut-off valve

You must identify your water shut-off valves of the home for an emergency situation. You can cut your water supply to a certain fixture and use other fixtures as your water supply system for your entire home.

By taking all the above measures, you can prevent spoiling your holidays particularly you can avoid any embarrassment in front of your holiday guests, who may be visiting you.