Why should you have your carpets cleaned?

Just like washing the clothes on your back because your body sweats, leaks odour, you may even have dropped something which has left a stain.

Your carpets also suffer with the problem. A carpet is a large area. You don’t realize what is going on. In fact, some people leave carpet cleaning as a low priority when in fact it should be a top factor.


Animals are walking, dribbling, sweating. We, humans, are doing the same, dropping things, causing stains. Most importantly is to live in a clean and sanitized environment.

Some may even attempt to clean up the problem themselves, and I can guarantee you with no success, even with my expert knowledge of stain removal.

Today the world has a pandemic which is advised that everything remains cleansed and as germ-free as possible.

Our carpet cleaning Warrington team are all trained to the highest levels in the industry. Supported by quality cleaning solutions.

We understand what requirements are required to deliver a best in class outcome for our customers.

Take a look at this.

The customer had not had never had their carpets cleaned before. When moving their upholstery to decorate and realized a massive change in color. They had become nose blind.

When a carpet is like this it will be contaminated with bacteria, germs, dirt including other microscopic items. Do you think living with this is healthy? Imagine allowing a baby to crawl on this. So to bring the fibers back to the land of normal this is what had to be done, First, we vacuumed slowly. This alone will relieve around 80{7de01240e0e48adef159554d7e810f1eb2ebc5aedd03c61d5ecf461b09e178a3} of any loose debris. Next, a strong alkaline solution was misted. This was allowed to dwell for ten minutes. Our crb was then used to agitate the solution on the carpet. Once this procedure was completed we again misted the solution again.

Allowing the chemicals to work is the key. Preparation is key. During this time we set up the machinery. Acid was added to the clean water. If this is not included in the clean your carpet may have a wicking issue. Our temperature was set to the maximum being 130c. Steam is clean. The temperature at this level not only breaks down grease, dust mites, etc., it also alleviates all those microscopic friends you have. So please ensure that you have an annual cleaning for your furnishings by a qualified carpet cleaner.