Several Methods of Underpinning to Repair Foundations

The method of underpinning is what is used to increase the depth of a house’s foundation or to repair foundations that are faulty. This could be the method for you to have done especially if you are adding stories to an already existing structure or if you have reason to believe that your foundation has been damaged.

Signs of problems

One sign that is visible and can show that your home needs underpinning Adelaide is if there are any visible cracks. Houses need underpinning when its foundation has wide cracks that are ¼ inch and if there are also other signs of a faulty foundation – such as diagonal cracks. Foundation failures can also be considered as heaved foundations when cracks or buckling occurs in the walls and cracks are found on concrete floors.

Method used most

The method most used for underpinning is the method knows as mass pour. This method involves excavating sections in succession to a depth that is pre-established below the footing and then placing concrete on every pit. This method is repeated until the entire area that is affected has been underpinned. There are also other methods and techniques for underpinning.

Screws and piles

Underpinning with bracket screws and piles is usually used in those occasions where the conventional method of underpinning is not possible. Some houses or buildings might need excavating to huge depths or maybe it is impractical to use a “piling rig” making it better to use this method of pile screws and brackets. This method can be installed by just a crew of 2-men or by using smaller equipment such as a mini-excavator.

Another preferred method

Another great, as well as the preferred method of underpinning, is using pile and beams. Using this method requires a mini-pile to be installed on either side of the wall that is affected. After piles are installed, brickwork is then removed below the wall and reinforced by concrete needle beams used for connecting the piles and supporting the wall.


Doing some research shows that underpinning services is normally based on price per linear footage. On average, this cost to excavate 2 feet deep on the majority of the property is between $370 to $400 per linear foot. But these were prices from several years ago, so it might have gotten more expensive since then.