How to Choose the Right MVHR System?

How to Choose the Right MVHR System
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An MVHR system’s installation can significantly alter a living or working environment, as well as the people’s health. But the system must be selected with care. Choosing the incorrect one could leave you with an expensive, ineffective, or unreliable system, or both. Then, there is a chance that the house will have low quality or perhaps mould or damp problems. Selecting the incorrect MVHR system can have long-term effects on your budget, the building, and its residents.

Size and specifications of the property

A property’s ventilation system needs to be more powerful the larger it is and the more people living there. Determining the airflow on your property and the amount of air that your MVHR system needs to remove and provide is crucial. After the duct system has been designed, it is also essential to determine the system pressure because this will influence the selection of the MVHR unit.


Reducing noise levels is made easier with a well-planned decentralised mvhr setup that includes an effective but not overworked unit. The same thing happens with airtight ducting. However, if the MVHR system is naturally noisy, then no amount of careful configuration will be helpful.

To reduce noise, certain MVHR machines require an attenuation box, which is frequently an additional cost. Therefore, if you want to prevent that extra expense, it is crucial to take into account the amount of breakout noise that a unit is producing. Moreover, any attenuation box will need additional room because it will surround the MVHR unit. You will require an MVHR device with integrated attenuation if that is not a possibility.

Finding a reasonably quiet unit is especially crucial if you plan to place it in an area where it can annoy other residents. However, noise levels will not be as crucial if the device is situated in a room away from people.

Maintenance ease

An MVHR system requires maintenance to function correctly. If not, the system may malfunction, and performance and air quality will deteriorate. Inadequate upkeep might also lead to the growth of bacteria and mould.

Therefore, MVHR parts must be conveniently accessible for routine upkeep and cleaning. Filters should be quite simple for any user to clean and change. Certain units can assist them by indicating when maintenance is required through indicator lights.