How to Score the Right Mattress for your Athletic Lifestyle

How to Score the Right Mattress for your Athletic Lifestyle
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Looking to step up your game with a new mattress? Finding the perfect fit for your posture and habits can help improve your sleep quality. But with so many choices, finding the right one is challenging. 

But don’t worry! This quick guide will help you determine what mattress is perfect for you.

Why is it important to find the right mattress?

The right mattress is essential for refreshing sleep after an active day. An ill-fitting mattress can cause discomfort, pain, and a sore back, leading to exhaustion. This affects athletic performance and overall health.

Now that we know how important finding the right mattress is, let’s start reviewing what top athletes look for in a mattress!

Comfort Level

One of the most important factors is the comfort level that a premium mattress can bring. And your comfort level depends on your sleeping posture and habits.

If you tend to sleep on your back or stomach, firmer mattresses are ideal and help reduce body pain and aches. Meanwhile, if you sleep on your side or tend to change positions, softer mattresses can help distribute pressure and keep you relaxed throughout the night.

Lumbar Support

Another factor to consider is how much support your mattress can give you. Sleeping on one without enough lumbar support can cause back pain and soreness. 

Similar to your comfort level, the lumbar support you need depends on your posture and habits. Firmer mattresses can provide better support for your spine and neck but can also cause health issues if they’re too stiff. 

Meanwhile, softer mattresses can cushion and contour around your body, though if it’s too soft, it can lead to discomfort. Finding a balance between the two is vital.

Cooling Features

Another thing to look out for is breathable mattresses, which have cooling properties. Mattresses made from materials like foam tend to trap body heat. Meanwhile, those made with coil are better at promoting air circulation. 

Hybrid mattresses, which combine foam and coil, are an excellent option for those with athletic lifestyles, as these are designed to balance comfort and support while promoting airflow. Mattresses with gel-infused layers can also help regulate temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. 

Motion Isolation

The last thing you want to experience when trying to sleep is having your rest disturbed by too much movement. Motion isolation is vital for quality sleep, as it can prevent sleep disturbances, motion restlessness, and fatigue by absorbing movement. 

Mattresses made from memory foam are great for motion isolation. But if you’re looking for better support, hybrid mattresses are another great option.

Pressure Relief

With an active lifestyle, it’s best to find a mattress that relieves aching muscles and joints. High-quality mattresses are able to reduce pressure by distributing your weight, which helps prevent soreness in areas such as your shoulders and hips.

The right balance between pressure relief and support depends on your body type and preferred sleeping position. A softer mattress can help lift pressure from hips and shoulders, while firmer mattresses help prevent spinal issues and back pain. 

Get the Sleep You Deserve

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your overall health and well-being, and choosing the right mattress can make all the difference. 

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