Types of projects a mini, mid-size, and large excavator are used for

An excavator is synonymous for construction. It is so popular in the industry that a lot of construction companies have it on their emblem. From earthmoving to highway projects and from demolition to landscaping, excavator brings in a plethora of benefits. Their powerful hydraulic engines are famous and thus used for many industrial applications like the mining industry, forestry, infrastructure, and earthwork.

Excavators do come in a variety of sizes to suit every project requirement. So, it is very vital that you select the right type of excavator to complete fieldwork promptly and effectively. If you’re going for a large-scale demolition job, don’t expect to boost progress with a mini-excavator. In a similar fashion, if you’re looking to dig for a swimming pool, you may damage the existing landscape by hiring a standard excavator.

So, here’s a read that will guide you to pick the right type of excavator hire for the right job.

Projects you can undertake with a mini excavator

A mini-excavator also referred to as a compact excavator, is a lightweight excavator that is perfect for jobs in tight space. On top of that, they are easier to transport on a truck or trailer and require less fuel than larger excavators. Because of their light-weight, you can use them in projects on soft terrain without tearing up the ground. You can operate them on the sidewalk or pavement without any damage. They can easily maneuver in tight spaces.

Mini-excavators are ideal to undertake projects like small-scale demolition, digging trenches, replacing water supply and sewer lines, snow removal, and landscaping. If you’re a company that undertakes medium to small-scale construction projects, you can start by hiring a mini-excavator. It will not only automate your construction activities but will also deliver you power and strength which you can’t get from mere manual labor. You can timely complete projects and with enhanced precision, there’s no chance for faulty works.

Uses of a standard excavator

A standard excavator weighs more than 45 tones and is ideal for heavy-duty jobs. If you’re working on a mega-scale project and need some serious power, a standard excavator is your best pick. It can excavate deep foundations, trenches for underpasses, and moving large volumes of soils for civil engineering tasks. Because of their large size, their use is limited to commercial-scale projects.

Uses of a mid-sized excavator

A mid-sized excavator is one that weighs around 7 to 45 metric ton. They combine the benefits of a powerful engine with compact size and can still maneuver easily on different job sites. These are the most versatile machines for commercial construction projects. You can use them to lift heavy objects, dig deep trenches, do demolition, and undertake heavy-duty earthwork.

You see how diverse the uses are depending upon the size of the excavator hire service you choose. So, it is very crucial that you choose the right excavator that suits your project requirements. Take your time, jot down your project requirements and choose the one that can increase your productivity and boss your company’s profitability.