How to Choose Best Washing Machine

From that topic you will have some instructions to help you choose the best washing machine (melhor máquina de lavar roupa) for your home. Remember to keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best. Sometimes it pays to invest more in something that is really useful to you, so check out some tips now:

Capacity in kg: As you may have noticed, there are several models of washing machines, washers and tanks at your disposal that differ from each other with some specifications. One of them is the capacity in Kg of each one. Undoubtedly, this topic is something of extreme importance for those who are going to buy a washing machine.

Water Consumption: Another very important topic in a washing machine or six pack is your water consumption. Some more modern models have systems that prevent you from using too much unnecessary water. Most of this equipment also has a centrifuge function, which allows the rinse water to be discharged through pipes so that you can reuse it. But how to reuse?

In short, wasting water brings a greater cost to your home bills, something that no one wants, is it? So look for a product that comes with resources against wasting water and make the most of your machine!

Top load (top load): Going further into visual matters, the design of your washing machine will depend a lot on where the opening where the clothes enter is located.

There is not much difference between upper or lower openings, it counts more in terms of product appearance and, of course, consumer preference.

Front load (front load): Here we have the front load washing machines and washers, also called “front load” or “front load”. These models generally have a more sophisticated design, and are very suitable for those who want to invest in something that can give a more modern touch to home laundry.

So, if you want something compact and that can beautify your home more, choose a front-loading washer.

Lava and dry: Now when it comes to functionality and features, pay close attention to this tip. Some washing machines have only the basic washing and spinning functions, which guarantee good performance and savings for you. However, as usual, others have differential features that can even dry your clothes.