Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes Homeowners Make

Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes Homeowners Make

Most people tend to get overexcited when remodeling their bathroom and they end up overlooking some of the minor details. The result is a messed-up or delayed project. Any bathroom remodeling mistake means an extra expense you have not budgeted for. Whether you’re looking to create a basement powder room, add some space in the kid’s bathroom or install a spa bathtub for your indoor comfort, it’s essential to know some of the common mistakes most homeowners and bathroom remodelers make to help you avoid them during your project.

Failing To Create a Budget

It’s pretty easy to splurge on bathroom features and materials. Not having a budget or not sticking to your initial budget can easily lead to financial strains in the long term. Conduct enough research to know the price points for tiles, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, vanities, and other items based on brand and material. Don’t forget to set aside 15{961dd30c604159da2f7c8e91020115926aeb34346068ca7710d56ef5f2a41bd5} of the total budget to cover unforeseen expenses.

Managing the Entire Project by Yourself

While it’s essential to be there throughout the project to provide insight, clarify details, and share ideas, doing everything yourself is not only overwhelming but also risky.  You need a project manager to oversee the renovation and take responsibility for delivering the desired results. A project manager has experience renovating bathrooms and may anticipate problems and questions you may have and respond to them promptly. A project manager can also ensure that the project is delivered according to the agreed budget and on time. Remember, many steps are involved in bathroom renovations that require input from other professionals like plumbers, design engineers, and electricians.

Ignoring Storage

Most people focus on aesthetics and forget about functional storage. Similarly, many choose to install cabinets and drawers, making the vanity appear clunky and cramped. Poor storage often leads to cluttered or messy bathrooms, making them frustrating to use. Instead of installing the traditional drawers, find unique ways of creating storage spaces, such as mirror cabinets on a wall to carry your makeup, toothbrushes, and shavers. You can also add several open shelves for accessories, fresh towels, and toiletries for daily use.

Choosing the Wrong Tiles for Your Needs

Tiles are the most essential part of a bathroom. However, they can be quite versatile as you can use them on the floors and walls. With so many types of tiles available in different materials, finding the right tile can be a challenge as most people end up getting attracted to the wrong tiles.  Remember, you need to make practicality a priority when choosing finishes. That means selecting tiles with the suitable material, texture, size, and color. Make sure the tile can withstand high humidity and moisture levels and handle slips well. You also want to know if you can use the tiles with underfloor heating.

Neglecting Ventilation Requirements

Your bathroom is often full of moisture and humidity, making it essential to create adequate ventilation. A fan can do the job, but it needs to be the right size. Upgrade your fan according to the size of the bathroom to avoid mold damage. When buying a fan, check the size of the room they’re designed for and whether they’re too noisy. Ideally, the right fan should be quiet and have the ability to move a lot of air.

Too Little or Too Much Lighting

Bathroom lighting needs to be adaptable to serve as many uses as possible.  Whether you’re going in for a quick morning shower or looking for a calming space to relax after a long day, you want to make sure there is enough light to see your face. Aim for layers of light wherever possible, from side mirror lights illuminating your face to the primary source and wall lights to boost the entire lighting system. You can also highlight artwork and a bathtub with LED lighting.