Budget-Friendly Office Renovation in Singapore for 2023

It has become an unspoken tradition to refresh a workplace’s commercial interior design at the beginning of a new year. After all, changing your work environment can lead to fresh perspectives, new ideas and hopes for the coming year.

For builders in Singapore, the end of the year is among the busiest times due to many companies requesting office renovation. If you are one of those business owners who look forward to a new office design, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss some budget-friendly ways to make office renovation possible!

  • Update Your Wall Colours

Changing or updating your office wall colour is the most budget-friendly office renovation idea that actually works. Your office walls are the most noticeable aspect of your workplace due to the space they occupy. Thus, changing the wall colour alone either through wall paint or wallpaper can enhance the beauty of your workplace.

When choosing a new colour for your office renovation in Singapore, you may want to consider neutral colours such as black, white, grey and brown. These colours pair well with furniture pieces and other decorations.

  • Reorder Furniture Pieces

One of the foolproof tricks to budget-friendly office renovation is to reorder your furniture pieces. For instance, you may use your conference room table as an open layout desk for your team. Likewise, you can also use an old shelf to organise your pantry supplies.

This method is often employed in commercial interior design in Singapore. Especially if the idea is geared towards zero-waste and sustainability. You may also hire a builder or an upholsterer to repurpose some of your old furniture pieces into new ones.

  • Opt for Open Layout

Why is an open-layout workplace so popular? Two things: facilitate communication and save budget. For one, an open layout office breaks the barrier the traditional office always reinforces. In an open-layout office, the team shares a table with no cubicle walls to separate them from one another. This encourages communication and may lead to coordination and camaraderie.

Apart from that, the open layout is also very economical. With fewer dividers to purchase, you can now focus your budget on other office renovation needs such as repainting, plumbing system and electrical works.

  • If Full-Blown Renovation is Needed, Choose Design and Build

If it is essential that you have a full-blown office renovation, it is wiser to choose the design and build in Singapore. As the name suggests, design and build is a scheme wherein the client will grant the whole project to a single contractor. From designing to purchasing materials to the actual building, one builders company will handle all the tasks.

This construction scheme will save you a lot when it comes to budget as you will not need to coordinate with different contractors and pay for various people.

Are you interested in updating your commercial interior design for the new year? Visit CAD Associates today!