How to Care For the Mattress?

A vital first care tip is to choose a best mattress (melhor colchão) suitable for your biotype, and this is the first step to ensure that your bed will have the appropriate useful life. We also suggest that you test the mattress before buying, take the opportunity to go to a store, and do that “Test Drive” of the model for a few minutes at least before making the purchase.

Do not forget to lie down in different positions during the test and see if the mattress fits your biotype comfortably. To ensure the durability of your bed, it is essential to periodically turn it over, if it is double-sided, and rotate the mattress. Also, try to keep the environment always ventilated and ventilated. It is also important not to distribute the weight correctly on the bed, avoiding excessive pressure on isolated points.

You should also avoid sitting on the edges of the mattress. You should also avoid exposing the bed to environments with excessive sunlight, heat, or humidity. Also, be careful with spilling liquids if your mattress is not waterproofed.

Stains can be removed by spraying vinegar and bicarbonate, which must be removed with a vacuum cleaner after acting for a few minutes. Vacuuming or tapping the mattress at least once a month also helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

When Should I Change A Mattress?

A good mattress can last from 5 to 10 years. But, the actual useful life will depend both on the quality and technologies linked to the chosen model and the conditions of climate and use of the mattress, and the accumulation of dust and sweat.

Therefore, it is recommended to evaluate the mattress replacement after five to six years of use. Realize that the exchange is also essential for health and can prevent allergies and respiratory problems.