Nan Inc. – Choose the Masters of Construction

Over the years, the construction industry has expanded and transformed significantly and while there may have been new technologies and methodologies introduced, the requirement for professional and quality work has remained consistent. Of course, there are numerous companies that offer construction services, but as in any other industry, no two companies are created equal. It is a given that you would want to have the best company handling your construction project and one of the options to explore in this regard is Nan Inc. You will come across the name when you are looking for leading construction companies in Hawaii, as it is based in Honolulu.

Even though Nan Inc. enjoys a strong reputation in the construction industry, you cannot make the decision of hiring them on this factor alone. There are obviously other factors that need to be taken into account because any construction project costs a lot of money and you don’t want to waste your money by opting for the wrong company. With Nan Inc., you don’t have to worry about any such issue because they are a professional company that has more than 30 years of experience under their belt. In construction terms, it might be a relatively young company, but it has made a name for itself quickly and has received multiple awards for the outstanding work it has done.

In fact, if you dig a little into Nan Inc., then you will come to know that it has made some major contributions to Hawaii’s development and future because of the various projects they have undertaken. The company was established singlehandedly in 1990 by Patrick Shin, who had come from South Korea to the United States. Back then, he had been known as Nan Chul Shin but had changed his name in order to adjust to the new culture.

The founder of Nan Inc. had to struggle initially and you can find more about the issues he faced by going through the official blog by Nan-Inc. owner. The company’s beginnings were quite humble, as Patrick Shin launched the firm with just one additional laborer by his side. He started off with very simple projects but didn’t let any of it discourage him. His dedication paid off eventually when he delivered quality work and this helped his company become one of the top names in construction in all of Hawaii, having handled some notable projects over the years.