Splash Into Summer With The 7 Best Pool Cleaning And Opening Tips

The best solution to get your pool ready and open for summer is hiring professional pool services. However, if you’re a handyman and have the time, you can try a DIY. Here are 7 tips to help you open and clean your pool after spring has sprung.

1. Prep the Nearby Areas

The most overlooked part of pool-prep ready is cleaning your surroundings. Clean plant debris around the pool. Work on the patio, pool deck, and planting beds. Clean up hedges and prune trees. You don’t want any debris getting into the pool once it’s open.

 2. Clean and Remove the Pool Cover

This is a dirty job as you’ve got seven months of gunk since you winterized the pool. Sweep off any large debris. Remove liquid slush standing on the cover with a submersible pump. Try to get as much crud off as you can on the cover then remove it. Be sure to sanitize and dry the cover before storing it to prevent molds and mildew. Remember, the real pool cleaning happens when the cover is off.

3. Inspect and Replace Pool Parts

Remove the freezer plugs from the skimmers and wall returns. Check your pool filter and pump for any issues. You need to make repairs if necessary and replace other parts like plugs, pressure gauges, or valves. Since you removed underwater lights from their casing for winter, you need to reattach them. Finally, check for cracks, as you may need to do a DIY patching job. Take the time to remove tile calcium deposits and other sediments. Simple tile cleaner or baking soda scrubbed with a toothbrush will do wonders.

 4. Reinstall Pool Equipment

You must reinstall the grab-bars, safety rails, diving boards, and small slides you removed. It would help to spray the bolts and screws with lubricant. Apart from easy screwing, this can prevent corrosion and degradation.

5. Add Water and Clean

Use your garden hose to add more water to the desired level. After, clean debris from the surface and bottom with your pool wall and floor brush. Put your pool vacuum, and algae brush to good use by scrubbing well.

 6. Power It Up

 Make sure all the valves are in position and the air was purged from the pool equipment and plumbing system. Prime the pump and turn on the power. Once the pool circulation system is up and running, inspect any possible issues like split hoses, nasty leaks, or big cracks. If you spot damage, turn it off and contact the pros for pool repairs.

7. Treat Water Correctly

 After running the filter for at least 12 hours, add the right balance of chemicals. Prep to super chlorinate your pool to take out algae, parasites, bacteria, and other microorganisms. You may also need to add other treatments like algicide, stabilizer, or conditioner. Remember to use a pool testing kit to check for pH level, alkalinity, chlorine content, and calcium hardiness. After applying chemicals, run your filter for another day and test again before letting people jump in.

If that sounds like a lot of work, calling a reputable pool servicing company is your best bet. The money is well-spent as you get a crystal-clear pool without the hassle. They can also help you do regular pool maintenance for the entire summer season.

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