4 Design Ideas On Styling A Glass Partition Wall For Commercial Buildings

Glass curtain walls in Singapore are very functional in commercial establishments, especially in company buildings. Glass curtains or a glass partition wall is a stylish way to divide areas while keeping its ambience light and airy. It is regularly used in offices or retail stores to separate spaces. But there are more ways on how commercial establishments can utilise glass curtain walls in Singapore.

1. Use it as a divider.

A glass partition wall can function as a divider between workspaces and hallways. Break the tradition of using office cubicles and have glass walls installed instead. You may also utilise glass curtain walls in Singapore for the comfort room. Set boundaries for the powder area and toilet area using glass walls. It will give your comfort room a minimalist but spacious feel.

2. Use it for privacy purposes.

Most companies utilise a frosting glass partition wall to create a sense of privacy. These are frequent for private offices or meeting rooms. However, you may also choose double glazed partition walls with a frameless sliding glass door in Singapore to function as a barrier. This way, people would see if a meeting is ongoing or if there’s someone inside the room.

3. Use it for the hallways.

Most hallways in commercial establishments lack style and light. Install a glass partition wall to keep the natural light from coming and brightening the path while at the same time acting as a boundary for other spaces. Opt for black-framed glass screens to bring an elegant feel to the hallway.

4. Use it as a boundary.

You may also utilise a half-cut glass partition wall as a barrier for the stairs. Glass walls can protect people from going up or down. To make it more functional and stylish, attach wooden handrails with steel fittings at the top of your glass walls.

A glass partition wall is the most practical yet appealing way to separate spaces. It gives areas an illusion of space and air by letting light come through.

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