How To Take Good Care Of Your Awning?

Apart from installing metal roofing in Singapore, many homeowners invest in an awning. It is a type of roof that extends over a place to provide shade and weather protection, whether from the rain or sun rays.

If you plan to get an awning for your home in Singapore, take note of the following. Below are some maintenance tips for helping you take good care of it to increase its lifespan.

  1. Let It Air Dry After Washing

After cleaning your awning using a water hose, air dries it. Drying it this way is better than using a cloth to dry off the excess moisture since it does not leave any textile fibre.

  1. Trim All Shrubs, Vines, And Trees Nearby

Doing so helps keep your awning in Singapore safe from touching and rubbing the scrubs, vines, and trees that can ruin the awning material.

  1. Look For Any Sign Of Holes Or Tears

No matter how sturdy an awning is, you can expect it to have holes or tears over time with daily use. Looking for any signs of rip allows you to fix it before it becomes huge.

  1. Never Use Harsh Chemical Cleaner

If you are not sure what cleaning products you should use for your awning, reach out to an awning supplier in Singapore. It is advisable to ask the shop where you bought yours to get more accurate information.

  1. Retract During Strong Winds

Doing so prevents your awning from getting damaged during bad weather like storms.

  1. Avoid Grilling Under The Awning

The ashes that will rise from the grill can burn the material when it comes close to your awning in Singapore, causing it to have a hole.

  1. Often Lubricate The Fasteners 

Proper lubrication prevents the fasteners of your awning from becoming stiff.

For more cleaning and maintenance tips, reach out to Shadetimes. They are a roofing contractors company in Singapore that sells various types of awning. Contact Shadetimes at +65 6456 6757 or leave a message on their website if you are interested.