How To Make The Kitchen Room Pet-Friendly? 

How To Make The Kitchen Room Pet-Friendly

Homeowners often include their pets in every consideration they need to make when styling their homes. They consider their pets part of their families as their fur friends bring joy to their households. Apart from this, it is also within a pet owner’s responsibility to look after their pet’s well-being. 

Modern households often provide their pets their own space in every home area, including the kitchen. The kitchen is used not only to store food items and prepare meals but also as a place where households can bond together, apart from the living room. With this, homeowners want to improve their kitchen area’s design, ambiance, and functionality as well as to enable their pets to become comfortable in the room. 

The first way to make the room pet-friendly is to use easy-to-clean materials for the kitchen units and fixtures. For instance, installing laminate or tiles as flooring is a great idea as these can be cleaned quickly with just soapy water and damp cleaning fabrics. Consequently, households should also use cleaning instruments such as vacuums and mops to eliminate pet hair and paw stains in the kitchen. 

Another way to style a pet-friendly kitchen is to create a feeding station where households can put their pet’s food bowls at. If they have a cat, an open cabinet area is an excellent place to make a feeding space. 

Households can also free up a spacious area in the kitchen to create a cozy spot where their pets can stay. Pets often go where their people are, and they usually just sit or lie down next to them. Thus, placing a cozy bed or a warm pillow in the kitchen can enable them to relax and watch their households prepare meals. 

Moreover, making the kitchen pet-friendly not only entails choosing easy to clean kitchen materials and creating a space for the pets. This also means that homeowners also have to be strategic with their kitchen storage and ensure that their kitchen area is clutter-free. 

It is within the nature of animals to be playful and mischievous. If pets become active and too hyper, especially in the kitchen, they can cause mess and create clutter. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, households should consider storing their kitchen items properly and away from their pet’s reach. They can improve their kitchen cabinetry’s functionality and space by remodeling it. 

If households are on a tight budget and cannot do a complete kitchen cabinet remodeling project, they can opt to invest in cabinet refacing Lake Forest. It is the process of replacing old doors and drawers with new color, style, and material and laminating the existing cabinet boxes. 

In addition, through cabinet refacing Irvine, homeowners can also add some features that can increase their kitchen cabinetry’s functionality. They can opt to include new drawer boxes and glides, pull-out trays, door and drawer organizers, among other features, to arrange their kitchen items accordingly and beyond the reach of their pets.

For more information on how to make the kitchen room pet-friendly, see this infographic by Kitchen Refacing Cabinet.