Water Heater Replacement And Code Violations

Installing water heaters in your home can be tedious. Even with the help of family or friends, it can be time-consuming. That is why, it is essential to consider Florida plumbing services or hiring a professional plumber to install it.

Although Florida typically experiences one of the mildest winters in the Continental United States, the cold temperature should not be disregarded. Therefore, it is still worth considering a water heater Punta Gorda FL.

That said, in time water heaters may need replacement. Even the best water heaters need replacing at some point. While regular maintenance can help extend the life of your appliance, if you live in the same house for prolonged years, the pre–existing tank will most likely need to be replaced with a new one.

Water heaters have a lifespan of a decade. Generally, the appliance can last up to eight to ten years. However, it is possible to replace it once the decade has passed or even before the manufacture date. If the water heater is showing symptoms such as rusting, leaks, and noises, it is high time to change it with a new one. 

Another sign is when the water heater is not heating. You can’t wash your hands, take showers, clean dishes, or use your washing machine if you don’t have warm water.

With all that said, water heater replacement isn’t something you can just dive into; there are a number of rules that must be followed. Here are some of the water heater code violations to look out for:

  • The International Code Council states that if a drainage pan has never been installed, you don’t need one to replace it. However, if a drain pan was previously installed it is a violation not to add one.  If you have a water heater system in a basement or another location that can cause leaking and damages, then install a drain pan underneath.
  • Propane and gasoline water heaters produce carbon monoxide, so it is against the code for them to be placed in any prohibited area of your home like bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • If you are residing in an earthquake-prone area, it is a code violation not to install earthquake straps on your water heater to endure horizontal forces equal to one-third of your unit’s operational weight. It is important that your water heater and home be protected from earthquakes.
  • The sediment traps block debris in the gas lines from entering your water heater’s gas valve. The sediment trap should always be installed as close to the inlet, and downstream from the shutoff valve. The code prohibits the installation of sediment traps.
  • It is considered a code violation when the water pressure in your house exceeds 80 PSI and you don’t have a pressure regulator that can lower it to safer levels.


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