Different Types of Portable Wheelchair Ramps Available These Days

According to data available, there are about 2.7 million users available in the USA, who is using wheelchairs. You can find a number of public areas where wheelchair accessibility has been provided for such people. Therefore, if you have got a portable wheelchair then you can easily move in the USA.

In case any of your household members happen to be disabled or aged and need a wheelchair then it will be useful to install a certain wheelchair ramp in your house. Take the help of EZ Access for getting a suitable wheelchair and which can also help you to get free wheelchair ramps for disabled, made in your home.

The following are a few different kinds of wheelchair ramps:

· Threshold ramps

These threshold ramps are composed of metal or rubber and designed in such a way that they will sit flush easily against the threshold of your door lip.

· Lego-style threshold ramps

These ramps are lightweight and can allow water flow and are used on your doorway inside and outside.

· Folding ramps

Tri-fold (4 panels) or bi-fold (2 panels) folding ramps are common, with hinges will be placed between each panel.

· Suitcase ramps

Suitcase ramps are the best ramps so far as portability is concerned. Usually, these are around 4’ long and can support almost 800 pounds.

· Telescoping ramps

Two narrow, distinct channels make up a telescoping ramp. Each of these channels is usually a little more than 1′ wide. The ramp can be retracted and extended to your preferred length.

· Rollable ramps

These rollable wheelchair ramps can be the easiest ramps for carrying with you. These ramps can easily fold and which makes them quite easy to carry.

· Modular ramps

If you are looking for suitable wheelchair ramps for home use, then you may opt for these ramps. This type of fixture will be more permanent than all others.

· Permanent ramps

Another good choice particularly for home. They are made of wood or concrete and can be adjusted or moved after it has been set.