Main Benefits of Creating a Fresh Water Pond in Your Backyard

Main Benefits of Creating a Fresh Water Pond in Your Backyard

The main benefit that property owners get by creating a pond in their backyard is their aesthetics and marvelously pleasing sight. It gives your backyard an appeal that is sometimes unmatched if you were to look at homes having no ponds. A pond full of fresh water and well-arranged plants can easily beat out any array of garden décor and a well-designed compound. It gives you a feeling of joy and complete relaxation for you and your family. If it has some great features like a waterfall, fountain, choice of plants, fishes, etc, then your day becomes as good as if you were taking a weekend holiday. Even if your house is old a pond can significantly enhance the ambiance and provide value to your property. 

Of course, ponds can be expensive if you were to choose several exotic decors and rare stones. Yet it can be an excellent affordable hobby if you are careful in keeping your expenses at a minimum. You will find various kinds of ponds and you must choose one that fits well in your compound and comply with the regulations or building code of your area. 

Types of Ponds

You will find that people create ponds of different types. If you are lucky enough with enough space you may even create a natural pond by taking advantage of a hole and the surrounding landscape. You may then create a small stream for the water to flow into it. If your space is less, you may install a readymade or custom-made pond to suit your backyard. 

You will also find small to large artificial ponds for sale and may purchase them and start with adding features. It can be a very engrossing hobby if you love nature. It is generally seen that ponds are best maintained where there is no direct sunlight. Again, in cold climates, you may need to break down and melt the frozen water for which you may buy Laguna pond de-icer to heat the water for melting the ice. 

While creating your natural pond you will need to be careful so that no wires, pipes, or city cables are damaged in the process. Large ponds would need a good pump, biological filters, and aquatic plants, or other organisms used for water purification. 

Maintain Clean Water in Your Pond

You must keep a healthy fish population and this means there shouldn’t be too many fishes. Again, the fish feeding has to be kept to a minimum so that too much debris is not accumulated. Small ponds need complete cleaning every 5 years while larger ones need it every 10 years. 

You also need to maintain a proper balance of plants and make use of chemicals sparingly. If you wish to cut down your maintenance expenses for removing algae you may use either aquatic plants or barley straw. Not only these are natural algae killers they will not harm the fish.

You may decorate the pond with gravel and rocks and other ornamental stones which can be bought from the market.