6 Tips for Choosing an Aircon Servicing & Troubleshooting Firm in Singapore

Air conditioners, like any other home appliances, require regular maintenance to properly and constantly function. A reliable aircon servicing and troubleshooting firm in Singapore can help keep your unit in tip-top shape and prolong its working life. It might be tough to locate a trustworthy service firm with many options around the island. Moreover, a Google search will yield various firm options. However, the real question is, how can you find the appropriate and trustworthy firm to perform a decent job without overcharging? The following are six tips to help you choose a reliable service that best suits your needs.

#1 Locally Registered Service Company

Conduct a web search for aircon servicing firms, especially in Yishun or nearby neighbourhoods, before selecting a service provider. Ensure they have registration with ACRA, the primary business regulatory organisation in the country. If the firm you choose to use is not a registered business, avoid it at all costs.

#2 Get a One-Stop Service

Hiring various providers to install, service, and repair your equipment can be unwise. Look for an aircon servicing firm in areas like Bukit Batok or Emerald Hill that offers a one-stop aircon service. They should provide aircon servicing, aircon chemical overhaul, and aircon contract maintenance and repair services.

#3 Check Reviews

It is now much easier to locate internet evaluations of air conditioning service companies. Take the time to read and review their customers’ comments. A reliable aircon servicing and troubleshooting firm in Singapore will have hundreds of positive service reviews suggesting that they perform high-quality service.

#4 Round-the-Clock Service

Your air conditioner may fail, or a leak may develop at inconvenient times. In most circumstances, you desire an instant solution if the situation is critical. Hence, select an air conditioning service business that offers round-the-clock aircon support and troubleshooting around Singapore.

#5 Trained & Certified Professionals

The government offers many training and certification opportunities. A credible and trustworthy aircon servicing firm, whether living in Yishun or Bukit Timah, will be registered with at least one certification. Although there is no necessity for air conditioning service technicians to be qualified, you do not want to put your units in the hands of an unskilled professional.

#6 Conduct Price Comparisons

Aircon servicing price points in various Singapore neighbourhoods can be steep. Hence, conducting price comparisons between different firms is advisable. It would let you understand what services you are receiving. Be aware of air conditioning service companies that promise too-good-to-be-true pricing since they will generally try to charge in other areas.

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