Few Reasons Why People Do Not Prefer To Go For a French Drain

A kind of classic drain like a trench is dug into the ground for directing groundwater away from a certain specific area.  Usually, it is lined with rock and gravel, with a perforated pipe that is placed in the center.  In case your yard always becomes a pond whenever it rains, then such a French drain is preferred for diverting the water.

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However, the option of French drain offers a number of cons and hence people do not prefer to go for it. Some of the reasons are as given below:

1) Expensive later on

French drain installation option may be ok for any new construction, but after the home has already been constructed, creating a French drain in the basement will be very difficult and also too expensive.

You will then need to use a jackhammer to break the concrete and also digging a trench, walkways, stairs, and shrubs have to be moved. Also, you need to be careful about various buried gas pipes and sewer lines. 

2) Clogging can happen

Also, sediment and debris may clog your pipe that may cause it to back up into your basement.  Also, the French drain may collect clog and sediment and it is very difficult to clear it.

3) Settling may occur with a French drain

Adding a French drain will influence the soil to settle around your foundation and a negative grading will start forming in your yard.

4) Do not keep water out

There will still be water coming from the wall.

5) Lifespan

Your lifespan of the drain is only 10 years and thereafter you have to again repeat the process.